Celebrate!!! I Made A Decision. And Allll Sorts of Goodness Has Followed!

I sit here on this rainy afternoon in Maryland, celebrating the fact that I made a decision. Wahoo!  7.31.2010 here. I. come.

It has been a reallllly amazing week.  Six months ago I picked a date to free myself to fully do what it is that I want. How I get there is basically what this blog is all about.  I felt the need to pick a date because I absolutely suck at making decisions.

I hem and haw about something – the “important” somethings – for weeks and weeks.  I knew I would continue running in my non-decision making circles unless I set my own goal.  After a whole lotta personal reflection, it was very, very clear I knew I needed to first lead myself to success before I’d be able to build any sort of a tribe.  Ya know, a little coaching for myself this time!

So, I’ve picked a date and everything I’m doing is completely in support of finding my bliss (and hopefully helping others do the same along the way! :)).  Not only I am doing things differently, the universe is supporting me.  A new found favorite, Marie Forleo, has a video on how to get anything you want.  I think it is uber important to celebrate even the small things — and I completely forgot to celebrate this ginormous decision I made in Freedom 7.31.2010 until I saw her video today.  To quote Marie, it does seem that, “once you take action on that decision, the universe bends to support you.”

As I reflect on this past week alone, it is amazing to think about how much followed from the simple decisions that we made in just the last five days:

1) Finally went all in and launched the Three Boudoir fan page with my kiss-ass partner, Joanna

2) Met with my new BFF Morgan from Bluegrass Romance who I met via Project Mohave/Marie Forleo/George Kao/Twitter

3) Discussed a potential partnership and development of a retreat in August with Morgan (details will follow!)

4) Walked out of the Skype date with Morgan and told two dudes about this women’s retreat I’m planning with partners for August (they wondered why I was glowing so much… had to tell – it becomes so much more real)

5) One of those dude’s has crazy awesome experience in direct market and would offer his services at cost to me (and my fantabulous partners) so they can test their business model and build their own company resume (woot!)

6) In the process of booking T H R E E – yes, T H R E E, appointments for Three Boudoir

…That was all just this week and I’m sure I’m forgetting something too!!!!!

I can’t imagine what more is to come.  Wait yes, I can.  Ahhh, it is going to be great!

The universe is waiting for you, what decision do you need to make today?

And once you decide, don’t forget to c e l e b r a t e !!

– Amber

P.S. Big thanks to my hubby, Joannarama, and Morgan for making this week (and the past several weeks) rock!

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One response to “Celebrate!!! I Made A Decision. And Allll Sorts of Goodness Has Followed!

  1. You know!? That was just the word that came in my mind too: C E L E B R A T E!!!
    So grateful to know you; so excited we are collaborating!!

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