My Name is Amber & I’m a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur (Who is Interested In Your Feedback)

Hi All, I always new it was the case, but society seemed to shun it.  Get a niche, focus, you’ve got too much going on – that, however, is where I get my energy so that mantra didn’t sit well with me.  When I’ve got a lot going on I seem to have energy to do even more.  There is even research to support that a little stress is good for the ladies in the house – crazy,  I know!

Needless to say, I was comforted when Johnny B Truant did a post on Marie’s site about Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs – love this!!!  I started to refocus and feel reenergized about what it is that I’ve got going on here.

So what are my current multi-passionate endeavors?  I’ve got boudoir photography on the list, plain old fun family and wedding photography, as well as an interest and passion for coaching/strategy sessions and lifestyle transformation (which really aligns a bit more with my professional experience to date)…. And then a couple of special projects I have brewing. More on those next week. One thing I have decided on is that I’m going to use as my website, but I’m struggling with a tag line.  If you have the time to view this video and provide any feedback, I’d be most appreciative.  It went a little longer than I intended and you won’t miss much if you jump around – except maybe the explanation about why my hair is still in a towel.:)


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4 responses to “My Name is Amber & I’m a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur (Who is Interested In Your Feedback)

  1. Love your passion and push. I’m a triathlon running, IT support giving, entrepreneur challenged, adventure junkie!

    My projects include my attempt at a lifestyle business with … chronicling how the heck to design a smart lifestyle at right now i’m generating income, previously was on automation! I have a triathlon in June I’m using the website for! Keep working hard…tough to stay focused…let me know if you run into any tech problems, drop my the website if you need some tips!

  2. ambermccue

    You are all over the place — I love it!:) Congrats on your income generation. I’d love to hear more about that! I’m about $2200/month away from being able to say goodbye to corporate america (if in the end I even want to, I am admittedly enjoying some of the work I am doing at work right now:). If I could even cut back to PT or have the option to do so I’ll be one happy camper)!

  3. Hey Amber,

    Rock on, sister! I’m looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff you’ve got planned.

    Yours in Multi-Passionate (Art)repreneurship,

  4. ambermccue

    You’re fantastic, Melissa! How’s your stuff going? Your site looking awesome!

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